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She starred as “Lt. Blair Williams” in the Warner Bros. Her father was stationed in Korea when he met her mother. Bloodgood is a former member of the Laker Girls. In , she appeared for the fourth time on Maxim’s Hot list, at 20, her highest appearance. She was 99 in , 53 in , and 40 in

Moon Bloodgood

He straightened in the saddle and peered around. Distant lantern lights flickered in the cold night wind. Fulgor, the capital of Moon Clan’s lands, appeared to be about an hour’s ride away. Leif petted Rusalka’s sweaty neck. Most of his favorites would be asleep by now, but Reilly might still be awake.

Moon Bloodgood was born under the sign of the Rabbit, element Wood Chinese astrology is brought to us as a legacy of age-old wisdom and invites us to develop an awareness of our inner potential. It is believed that the wise man is not subjected to stellar influences.

We’re proud to say we have a great location, being only 15 miles away from Pittsburgh to the east, and only a few miles west to the Pittsburgh International Airport. We’re also home to Robert Morris University and many major international companies. Its a great place to live, work, pray! Arrowhead pix by Michelle Edwards-Longway. Click the bottom right hand corner to enlarge. This book was written by Mark Berton, who was our guest speaker this year on Monday, August 3, at 6: Mark wrote Moon Township in From the humble home of Joshua, John, and Jacob Meek in what is now Crescent Township to the Stoops House, owned by 19th-century riverboat captain William Stoops, today’s Moon Township is a byproduct of these modest roots.

Formed in , Moon Township’s history crosses borders into neighboring Findlay and Crescent Townships, which once comprised Moon. Today Moon Township is recognized as one of the most bustling and vibrant communities in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Home to portions of Pittsburgh International Airport, a growing commercial corridor, and hundreds of new families each year, Moon Township is a major player in the future of western Pennsylvania.

Through vintage photographs, Moon Township chronicles how this area has changed with the times while preserving as much of its history as possible.

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What is the Bloodgood Japanese Red Maple trees envornment? If your neighborhood has any deep red-bronze Japanese maples growing, they are probably this year’s Mississippi Medallion award winning tree, the Bloodgood. This maple has earned the respect of landscapers and gardeners throughout the South.. Like many Southerners, this small maple has a storied past that began overseas.

It is the most highly sought-after and respected Japanese maple in the Deep South.. Bloodgood is brilliant in the spring with new dark bronze- red leaves followed by exotic foliage throughout the summer and a fall blaze of crimson-orange.

Seeing Race in Modern America Guterl, Matthew Pratt Published by The University of North Carolina Press Guterl, Pratt. racially diverse population in the nation’s history.” Describing a fas- say I’m ethnically ambiguous,” offered actress Moon Bloodgood .

Having worked with director McG on Charlie’s Angels, the actor was offered a role in Terminator Salvation, where his skills as both an actor and a stuntman served him well. That’s one of my assets and I always try to play to my strengths in this business. I come from an athletic background, so I love physical roles, and I think directors like to work with me because I feel comfortable handling the dialogue along with the physicality of a character.

So they don’t have to cut away to a stunt double. I mean, if I was directing a movie, I would love to be able to hold a shot for the entire time instead of worrying about cutting away and putting in a stunt double. Believe it or not, after we filmed the fight scene for Terminator, they brought us back to make it even more violent and intense. Photo courtesy of Papajohn’s official website.

When I subsequently showed up on the Terminator set in New Mexico, I brought that story back up to him and said, ‘I’ve always remembered that and use it on every movie that I do. Revenge of the Fallen. Although his character never appeared in the first Transformers film, there was a history established in the movie between father and daughter. The actor made sure to use that to his advantage when trying out for the sequel.

I worked very hard on that, and when I showed up on the set, I was able to look at her [Megan Fox] and, without saying a word, you know that our characters are related. Cal has been in prison and hasn’t seen his daughter for a long time, so he has all sorts of questions for her and I enjoyed playing the ups and downs of that relationship.

Falling Skies TV Series Info

In the first season, the team is introduced to the viewers. Season 4 Edit Fred begins a pattern of roughing up suspects and intimidating people to make them talk, which appears to be related to PTSD. He also gets into a dangerous situation without backup and is nearly killed, and becomes overly involved in the life of a teenager he saved from the sex traffickers.

Anne Glass’s wiki: Anne Glass is a fictional character on the TNT television series Falling Skies played by Moon Bloodgood. She is the de facto female lead. Falling Skies tells the story of the aftermath of a global invasion by several races of extrate.

She is the de facto female lead. Anne was a pediatrician before the invasion. She is very inclined towards the civilians, and believes that they should do all they can to help them. Her husband and son were killed at home in the bombings during the invasion. Before the invasion, Glass was a pediatrician. Her husband and young son were killed during the attacks. Anne begins to remove Harnesses from the captured kids and saves Tom’s son, Ben.

She tries to communicate with a captured Skitter, before killing it silently by taking advantage of the “soft palate” in the back of the Skitter’s mouth. While Anne is treating a young boy, his father robs the infirmary of medical supplies. She learns how to shoot a gun in order to defend herself. Near the end of the season Tom and Anne grow closer. When the 2nd Mass is fleeing the school, Tom puts Anne in charge of his sons while he leaves for the city.

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Tweet Man has not always been at the top of the food chain. Before that, humans huddled around campfires for eons, jumping at bumps in the night and teaching their children to fear the dark. Most of the time, the fear of fire would keep our primitive superiors at bay. However, there are many instances in history where a human settlement became little more than a buffet to a lion, a pack of wolves, or the Beast of Gevaudan.

The Beast of Gevaudan pronounced je-voo-DAN lived, killed, and died in southeast France in the disturbingly recent s.

Elisha Cuthbert Biography Elisha Cuthbert is a Canadian film & TV on-screen character who got to be mainstream with the youngsters’ TV arrangement Popular Mechanics for Kids. She appeared in movies in as Sarah in Dancing.

He played Robert F. Kennedy in Clint Eastwood’s J. He studied aikido for over six years and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has over 20 years of experience in martial arts. Moving on to his personal life, he is a married man. He married his longtime dated girlfriend in the year , with whom he has now raised a beautiful daughter. His wife is a professional model with whom he started dating in the year As the two have a perfect chemistry with one another, there is no chance of them going to get a divorce.

Currently, the family resides in Denver, Colorado. He is American and belongs to the White-American ethnicity. He was raised along with his two brothers, Michael and Sean. Later, he got a private scholarship which enables him to participate in a summer program.

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With the first season now shooting in Toronto, Wyle and Bloodgood offered an early preview of things to come… Could you give us a little background on your respective characters? I play a guy named Tom Mason, former tenured history professor at Boston University, father of three, recently widowed. Two of my three boys are with me; the middle son has been captured in the invasion, as many adolescents are being pressed into service by the aliens.

I join up with a resistance group, the Second Massachusetts, just as one of the survivors and I find myself getting pressed into more of a leadership role.

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Remember that screening of Falling Skies — my favorite series this summer, by the way — that I wrote about this week? Well, luckily for me, I was able to sit down with Falling Skies star Moon Bloodgood and chat about the show while she was in Boston. Moon plays Anne Glass on the show, a pediatrician-turned-medic after aliens take over. Moon was a joy to talk to, and it was a really fun interview.

Take a look at some of the highlights below. Like many others involved in the show and those watching it , Moon was naturally interested in Falling Skies because of Steven Spielberg. The sci-fi parts are really secondary. Getting to know Anne: Moon knew very little about her character when the show first started. In fact, her background was rather fuzzy. But what Moon likes most about Anne is her personality. She likes that she is rational and fair. She likes portraying someone real and accessible.

Falling Skies – SAG Conversations with the cast – Noah Wyle – Extract 1

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