History & Overview of the Israeli Druze

History & Overview of the Israeli Druze

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This social complexity has not been sufficiently examined in terms of research. In order to answer the issues that were raised in this article, I have conducted depth interviews with 17 Druze men, who had chosen intermarriage rather than conventional ones within the congregation. The objects had to answer controversial issues evoking in their marriage, the relationship with the nuclear family of both spouses, power and gender roles, the raising of children, etc.

The findings indicate alienating of the Druze men who were married women of a different religion, that is to say, a complete alienation of the men and their children.

LEBANON INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM REPORT Executive Summary According to Statistics Lebanon, percent of the population is Druze, who refer to themselves as. camps dating back to The Palestinian refugee population is largely Sunni.

A Abbreviations This information is included in Appendix A: Abbreviations , which includes all abbreviations and acronyms used in the Factbook, with their expansions. Acronyms An acronym is an abbreviation coined from the initial letter of each successive word in a term or phrase. In general, an acronym made up of more than the first letter of the major words in the expanded form is rendered with only an initial capital letter Comsat from Communications Satellite Corporation; an exception would be NAM from Nonaligned Movement.

Administrative divisions This entry generally gives the numbers, designatory terms, and first-order administrative divisions as approved by the US Board on Geographic Names BGN. Changes that have been reported but not yet acted on by the BGN are noted. Geographic names conform to spellings approved by the BGN with the exception of the omission of diacritical marks and special characters. Age structure This entry provides the distribution of the population according to age.

Information is included by sex and age group as follows: The age structure of a population affects a nation’s key socioeconomic issues. Countries with young populations high percentage under age 15 need to invest more in schools, while countries with older populations high percentage ages 65 and over need to invest more in the health sector.

The age structure can also be used to help predict potential political issues. For example, the rapid growth of a young adult population unable to find employment can lead to unrest.

Inside the Druze community

Ten years after meeting Hare Krsna devotees in Israel, Druze leaders visit the land of their spiritual heritage. Besides Lord Krsna, I have no one. Lord Krsna, You are always my shelter.

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Druze beliefs incorporate several elements from Abrahamic religions, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism and other philosophies. However this is not the case. Why then did Benjamin Netanyahu offer the Druze leaders a new community in Galilee today? How about Jerusalem being in Heaven?

Druze Sheikhs at Home in India by Dhira Govinda Dasa. Every Town & Village, Volume Number Ten years after meeting Hare Krsna devotees in Israel, Druze leaders visit the land of their spiritual heritage. Besides Lord Krsna, I have no one. We can lay down our lives for the service of Krsna.

Abstracts and Summaries Part 1: Jewish Populations Last Update: Genetic Testing Service Get genetically tested to discover your relationship to other families, other Jews, and other ethnic groups. Pulver, Stephen Wooding, and Stephen T. Among the comparative populations were continental Europeans and European-Americans. Also used for comparison were 3 Middle Eastern populations: Palestinian Arabs, Druze, and Bedouins. Here we analyzed a large AJ cohort and found higher linkage disequilibrium LD and identity-by-descent relative to Europeans, as expected for an isolate.

Israel’s first Druze math lecturer does it by the numbers

Mensa Christi Church Share: The current church, built over the site of an older church, dates to and has undergone extensive renovations in recent years. The church is usually kept locked, but the guardian is normally around, and you can gain entry by asking for the key. Cana is one of two sites the other is in southern Lebanon that contend for the title of being the place where Jesus performed his first miracle – the changing of water into wine.

It’s an attractive town for a half-day trip from Nazareth, with three churches that commemorate the miracle that may – or may not – have occurred here.

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Israel is in the middle of the international religiosity scale, between Thailand, the world’s most religious country, and China, the least religious. The other two thirds of respondents said they felt no connection to any denomination, or declined to respond. A slogan initially coined during the First Gulf War , , and turned into a popular slogan-sticker ever since, especially among the Israeli Religious Zionism “National Religious” community and the Haredi Judaism sector The spectrum covered by “Orthodox” in the diaspora exists in Israel, again with some important variations.

What would be called “Orthodox” in the diaspora includes what is commonly called dati “religious” or Haredi “ultra-Orthodox” in Israel. Haredi Jews Haredi applies to a populace that can be roughly divided into three separate groups along both ethnic and ideological lines: There is also a growing baal teshuva Jewish returners movement of secular Israelis rejecting their previously secular lifestyles and choosing to become religiously observant, with many educational programs and yeshivas for them.


Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. The Druze community in Israel is officially recognized as a separate religious entity with its own courts with jurisdiction in matters of personal status – marriage, divorce, maintenance and adoption and spiritual leadership. Their culture is Arab and their language Arabic but they opted against mainstream Arab nationalism in and have since served first as volunteers, later within the draft system in the Israel Defense Forces and the Border Police.

Worldwide there are probably about one million Druze living mainly in Syria and Lebanon, with , in Israel, including about 18, in the Golan which came under Israeli rule in and several thousands who emigrated to Europe and North and South America.

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The Druze are an Arab-speaking minority within an Arab minority in Israel, a community loyal to the state that has suffered hundreds of casualties in its defense, and whose men serve today in high-ranking and sensitive positions within the Israeli military and security forces. The Druze in Israel comprise approximately 85, people, about 1. The Druze are centered in Israel, Syria and Lebanon, but also have sizeable expatriate communities in France and the United States, centered in Detroit.

The Druze religion is a monotheistic faith that emphasizes inner and hidden layers of meaning, in the spirit of the neo- Platonic philosophy that was very influential at the time when the Druze religion was born. The Druze believe in the reincarnation and transmigration of souls, and are great believers in secrecy. After three years of working as a teacher in different schools, from elementary to high school, he returned to his higher education, but transferred to the University of Haifa.

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Mansour next garnered a European Community Research Training Network grant, the only scholar from the University of Haifa to receive one, and spent the next year in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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