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There’s a great party atmosphere at Oktoberfest Image: Oktoberfest Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Beer fans – the best month of the year is nearly here. There are not one but two Oktoberfest festivals taking place in Chelmsford this year. Oktoberfest is a time to drink beer from a two-pint stein and stomp the night away to an oompah band. If you love German beer, German food and a riotous night out, then an Oktoberfest event is definitely the place to be this autumn. Here are the details of the two Oktoberfest events coming to the city. This event is back for the second year running. There is long, bench-style seating inside the tent and a bar along one whole side. Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6. What is there to drink?

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How to Date a Beer Stein By Benjamin Twist ; Updated April 12, Determining the year a beer stein was produced is a difficult task that must take into account a variety of information about the stein’s shape, decorations, materials and markings. A beginning collector can sometimes find certain clues that help place the stein in history. But for definitive dating and appraising, it is best to consult an expert.

Even steins that match the characteristics of an older style can turn out to be modern reproductions. Examine the style of the beer stein, including both shape and decorations.

KING-Werks steins are generally based on the designs of antique originals. Their collection consists of Old German, Bavarian, Austrian and Tyrolian steins offering you some of the most original and skillfully designed products and backed by generations of experience in the finest craftsmanship.

We are still open, however our access is around the exterior of the patio. Christmas Parties — Book your Christmas party here with us! Some dates and times are already filled up but we have plenty more available. Groups of all sizes are welcome. We draw an hour before every home game and in the 2nd intermission during away games. We will be updating the blog on Tuesdays going forward so come back for more up to date info!

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Just a little tiny dot on the map, yet a significant location for the history of the German beer steins. It might have been here, where the German beer steins were first produced in the 14th century. And it is here where you still find companies which are loyal to their heritage of old traditions used to produce the world famous German beer stein. Despite a rough start in a very primitive production facility and their initial misadventures with Balky Kilns, King-Werk soon thrived to be one of the leading and internationally recognized beer stein manufacturers in Germany.

In a devastating blaze burned the factory to the ground and King-Werk nearly became a part of history. But fortunately all important molds could be salvaged and once again King-Werk did rise like a phoenix from the ashes, rebuilding their factory from the ground up. This time King-Werk was able to plan their facility from scratch and influenced by years of experience and misadventures, they created what is perhaps the most modern pottery factory where molding, glazing, firing and pewter lid attachment is all consolidated under one roof.

Even though the production process was modernized, King-Werk still produces all of their steins in accordance with traditional methods used for many hundreds of years and produces some of the highest quality handcrafted beer steins available in Germany. To preserve the traditions of beer stein production, King acquired historical molds from now closed pottery manufacturers and has one of the largest mold archives in the industry with beer stein molds dating back to the 18th and 19th century.

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Beer Steins Mettlach Steins The fascination of beer steins or tankards has a long history dating back for centuries. The rarest German beer steins in the world are difficult if not impossible to find, most are in private collection or museums. There are several companies that buy and sell them, but only handful have the ultra-rare pieces, like found at Munich Steins. In centuries past beer steins were used a status symbol much like a high priced watch would be now.

The tankards are bought, sold and traded with vigor around the world. They are available from stein auctions, catalogues, and books and online.

I am looking to get my brother a beer stein for his birthday, and thought we’d have some options locally. A search didn’t hit on anything. I.

Getty Images Europe Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email For decades beer fans have visited Bavaria to take part in the annual beer festival. Massive steins of beer, oom pah bands, sausages and table dancing in huge tents are popular with tourists.

Well you don’t need your passport to experience the delights of Lederhosen clad serving staff. There are expert waiters and waitresses dressed in Lederhosen and Dirndls, live acts and DJ sets, a full funfair, outdoor beer garden and Alpine huts from Germany. Men drinking beer are happy men Image: Stratford – in a massive beer tent with a blue and white striped roof in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park between the Aquatic Centre and the ArcelorMittal Orbit as you walk from the shopping centre to West Ham’s ground.

How much is a ticket for Erdinger Oktoberfest? Erdinger Oktoberfest last year Image: Erdinger Waitresses can carry lots of beer Image: Cultura RF Review If you like a party with your beer this is the place to be. A vast hall decked out in traditional Bierkeller style with trestle tables and benches transport you to German beer hall. Rosie and Georgia had a great time Image: Getty Images Europe The food is great although not really for vegetarians – think plates of salami, Black Forest ham, and pickles with cubes of cheese and bread and butter followed by a huge tray of sauerkraut, sausages and potatoes with mustard.

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Old Style Beer Steins old style a typeface based on an 18th century design distinguished by irregularity and slanted ascender serifs and little contrast between light and heavy strokes Old Style or O. Denoting or according to such a style A term used to describe bells which are not tuned on true-harmonic principles. UK old-style bells usually have hums which are sharp of true harmonic, and almost as often, primes which are flat of true-harmonic. As they are the parents and the initial and more prominent foes the Runaways have faced, they are perhaps the team’s greatest enemy to date.

It is named after Karlis Steins, a Latvian and Soviet astronomer.

Nov 15,  · I have a collection of Budweiser Comemorative Beer Steins dating back to I have 20 different steins and 2 duplicates. The price is $ The steins I have are listed as 1. A C series: Wagon Thru the Gates, 2. (two) US Olympic Team, 3. A 20th Anniversary .

But the new Italian kitchen – aka Cucina Italiana – that has opened in Honley could just as well be named Quattro, for it is now the fourth outlet in the village by star chefs Richard Dunn and Wayne Roddis. The chef, TV presenter and author owns six sites in Padstow in Cornwall including a bistro, a cafe, a seafood delicatessen and a fish and chip shop. After 15 years in partnership, Richard and Wayne have solid ideas about what works. Plus it has a family vibe where parents with children can build their own pizzas.

People want more relaxed eating. And the Krafty Kettle is a gin bar and magnet for craft ale aficionados.


Search 22 Best Things to Do in Grand Rapids, Michigan Grand Rapids, the second-largest city in Michigan, offers scenic views of the Grand River, unique museums, a choice of attractions and excellent restaurants. Henryk Sadura – Fotolia. The park also has five themed indoor gardens, four-season outdoor gardens, picturesque forest trails, and a wetlands boardwalk.

The Park also organizes several popular temporary exhibitions.

Mettlach, one of several factories of the Villeroy & Boch ceramics company, was the most prodigious of all stein manufacturers between and , sometimes called “the golden age of beer steins”. Their wares are readily identifiable by quality, style and artistry, as well as by very thorough base marking.

Having grown up home-brewing beers and later graduating to hard ciders and meads, Dan found a you-brew-it sake kit and the experimenting began. This nano-brewery approach allowed the Dan and his friends to experiment and learn in short and fast sprints and to learn the rhythms and pace of the brewing cyle. In the meantime, the idea of a becoming a larger-scale sake brewery seemed to have enough traction and the quest for a brewing space away from the now-toddling twins… , sources for materials and equipment, and furthering their personal knowledge of the art and craft of sake were launched.

About Dan Dan comes from a solid background in financial services. Pair this business acumen with his passion for brewing, and sprinkle in his love for the taste, the craft and the ritual of sake and you have our founder and master brewer. How To Enjoy Our Sake If you are new to sake or just to ours, we suggest you think of Blue Current sake like white wine — say, a nice pinot grigio.

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The three on the right, which collector George Adams had made, show the historic development of steins and beer. Tall with a sweep of silver-white hair, Adams delights in finding new treasures—especially at bargain prices. Lining the table are a number of Old Style brewery steins from the early s. The size of a small tankard, the piece in question features a beautifully speckled cobalt glazing and is etched with ornate patterns of leaves and flowers.

The origins of German beer steins date back to the 14th century. As a result of the bubonic plague and several invasions of flies throughout Europe shortly thereafter, Germany established several laws in the early 16th century requiring that all food and beverage containers (in our case it’s beer steins) be covered to protect their contents.

Rick Stein’s son arrested 17 Sep Diana’s king scallops are scrumptious, steamed in their shells in the Chinese manner. Like much of the menu, it has an Asian tinge, zinging with ginger, spring onions, lime juice, soy sauce and sesame oil. Even my smoothly delicious fish and shellfish soup is faintly spicy. Indeed, our friend Adam has so much smoke bellowing from mouth and ears after munching his smoked mackerel with chilli we start to fear he might be a Cornish suicide bomber. After being hosed down with the house white, he pants: It gives you a right kicking.

Hardly appetising to look at, it’s covered in dark, caramelised onions, but tastes top drawer. Monkfish might be the poor man’s lobster, but I love its velvety texture. Weirdly, this is one of the few offerings that isn’t terribly spicy. For richer sorts there is also lobster, covered in Goan curry sauce. Some might find currying lobster sacrilegious, but London’s Amaya shows great seafood is fabulous with Indian sauces. But then he rarely passes up a commercial opportunity.

Diners can buy Stein child range tabards and bags, while grown-ups are offered Stein’s own-label Australian wine, Tower. It’s perfectly drinkable, but I’d like to know he does more than take the odd wine-tasting holiday Down Under before putting his label on the bottle.

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You can learn more about Pennsylvania brewery history at: Anderton Brewing James Anderton began working in coal mines at the age of eight in England, continuing in that line of work after coming to the United States until the age of 38, when he moved to Beaver Falls and got into the hotel business before starting a brewery the following year, in In November he placed his first product on the market, which consisted of nine barrels of ale and porter.

Ten years later the brewery was producing just under barrels per year. They were one of the first breweries to install mechanical refrigeration shortly after the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in

Introduction: Salzburg, famous to most people for Mozart and baroque architecture, is also probably the most interesting town for beer in Austria, having, as it does, four breweries.

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